What to do IN LAS CUEVAS

Las Cuevas Beach Lodge is situated on a cliff overlooking the scenic Las Cuevas beach on the North Coast of Trinidad and Tobago. Nesting on the hillside against mountains and surrounded by lush tropical rain forest it is the ideal place for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. The panoramic front view highlights the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, and the rear view the majestic mountains and tropical rain forest of the North Coast. Adjacent to the lodge the rustic village of St. Michael offers an opportunity to experience rural life in a safe and friendly atmosphere. For the adventurous there are village bars and small shops where one can interact with the local population.


The village is sustained by artisan fishing and the fishing port at the North side of the beach is crowded on mornings and evenings awaiting the arrival of the two daily catches. According to the season and the availability of suitable bait fish, fish can be caught with nets, fish pots and hand lines. A specialty of the fishermen is “a la vive” or live fishing where large fish are taken using a live bait. This requires great skill as the tackle is limited to fine low test nylon lines mounted on a spool. The fish market is a must for visitors to witness the haggling between vendors and buyers. Depending on the time of year you can see Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Grouper, Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna and many other varieties.

Lobsters are also caught by experienced divers and available at the hotel.One of the most interesting aspect of Las Cuevas is the arrival of Leatherback turtles from January until August for the laying and hatching season. These giant pre historic creatures can weight as much as one thousand kilos when full grown. They come ashore at night to lay their ping pong sized soft shell eggs, excavating a hole, laying eggs and burying them in the warm sand safe from predators. It is truly one of the miracles of nature that should not be missed in a lifetime. Las Cuevas beach is the safest and most beautiful beach in Trinidad, in fact far better than the world famous Maracas Bay. The water here most times is as calm as a swimming pool, free from dangerous currents and undertow. Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed as well as fishing excursions with the local fishermen who are willing to take passengers on their daytime trips.

Water activities

>A fresh water mountain stream flows alongside the beach on the Southern end and has some deep clear refreshing pools. The surrounding mountains are infested with many streams and home to crayfish and mountain crabs. For the more adventurous travelers who wish to have an ecological experience the rain forest offers many exciting possibilities. The Rincon waterfall is about a two hour hike through the forest and through coffee, cocoa and vegetable plantations. This is a challenging tour, but alternatives are available to visit and experience crystal clear mountain streams and cultivated plantations nestled in the foothills of Mount Cerro Aripo the second highest mountain on the island.


Historic Fort Abercrombie, an old British fort in ruins can be visited by taking a short trek from the hotel. During the open hunting season, fresh game can also be available for visitors with adventurous tastes for deer, wild pig, armadillo, lappe, possum and agouti. Another nearby place of interest is the world famous Asa Wright Nature Center, where tropical flora and fauna can be experienced up close and personal. In addition tours can be arranged to visit the Pitch Lake at La Brea, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary in the Caroni Swamp famous for the Scarlet Ibis and Osprey, Point Lisas with the largest Industrial Estate in the Caribbean, the Hanuman Statue and the Temple in the sea at Waterloo. Tours are available to other places of interest and to shopping malls and the city of Port of Spain. The hotel offers visitors free bus tickets to and from the city of Port of Spain serviced by comfortable air conditioned coaches operated by the Public Transport Service Corporation.